UK 2017: Day 5, 6 & 7

Our last few days in Sunderland have brought great fun and incredible ministry opportunities! The SCC unit were able to grow relationships and had opportunities to share the gospel through camp of champions. Children were not only hearing the gospel themselves, but were taking what they had learnt home as well. The New Springs unit continued to partner with I:GNITE (SP Project) and Crossfya in local high schools as well as run a sports camp in a local elementary school. Though there was some opposition, God was working through conversations and discussions. There were other ministry opportunities, leading a special needs service, helping with moms and tots and picking up trash in the neighborhood around the church. Both units were able to come together for a USA vs UK night of fun and games with local families and fish and chips on Roker Beach. We ended the week praying over Sunderland, the city that has captured our hearts and a free day exploring and shopping in York. Though we are eager to return home, we are so thankful for the ministry and relationships God has allowed us to have in our time here. Our prayer as we leave is that God would work in amazing ways in the city and give the hope of Jesus to people who desperately need it!

Student Stories

Elysse Nissley

On Wednesday, part of the New Springs team went to a primary school near the church called Redby Academy. We played games outside with the kids and had small 10 minute lessons on hope, faith and love. It was incredible to feel their energy and see them open up with us. One of the things that struck me was when I was talking with my group of kids about how right now the Americans are on summer holiday, one girl asked “Why did you come to Sunderland?” It was very strange to them that of all the cool places in the United States we could go on holiday we decided to come to their city. We used that opportunity to share how much we loved and valued them, and how God loves them too. I think even the fact that we came to visit and play meant a lot to the kids, and it was an opportunity to show the love of God. It was so encouraging to see the wonderful relationship New Springs has with Redby and I pray that it will continue to grow!

Breanna Beers

It’s so hard to believe that today is our last full day in Sunderland. It feels like we should be here at least another week—or maybe another month. I’ve fallen in love with this place, with its people. Maybe it’s because of how actively I see God working here; it’s like I’m watching dry bones come alive. It’s so, so clear that this week is only a small part of the story for Sunderland. God has been working here for a long time through the persistent faith of a few passionate people, knocking down mountains and opening doors—some of which we get to be the ones to walk through during the short time we’re here. It’s also excitingly, abundantly clear that the work in Sunderland will be continuing and active a long time after we leave, and there’s something both humbling and incredibly hope-filled about that. I’m so excited about what God is doing here, and it makes me wonder if the work back home could ever look like this…or if maybe I just hadn’t had the eyes to see it there before.

Drew Tuckey

It’s crazy how fast this week has gone and how amazing it’s been. This week I was able to spend 2 days helping with a program called I:gnite that went into schools to preform music and share a message of hope with the kids. Groups of kids would come into their schools auditorium and a band called Crossfya would perform music and then we broke the kids into smaller groups and had lessons where we got to speak with them about Respect, Influence and self worth. We were able to have good discussions with many of the kids and I believe God was doing work to plant seeds in their hearts and give them hope and also to draw them to Himself. It was an amazing opportunity to interact with the kids and share with them that we were Christians, I’m so grateful and pray that the seeds God planted would grow.

Cassidy Stauffer

While sitting down for breakfast one morning, I was talking with one of my host parent’s, Audrey. She was telling my roommates and I how God had worked in her life when she said that “the greatest adventure you could have in life is to trust God.” This phrase almost startled me. I definitely would say I’m the ‘adventurous’ type, but never had I even considered that a life pursuing God could be an ‘adventure.’ As the week continued, this idea was only solidified as I heard story after story of the way God worked to start churches and ministries by people who simply felt called to go. Unsure of their future, these people uprooted their lives to live in Sunderland and spread the message of hope through Christ. God’s plans for us are so much greater than we can imagine and he can use us in so many more ways than we can imagine. All we have to do is trust God. And he will always provide for us. So what am I waiting for? I’m ready for the greatest adventure of my life.

Jack Ruhl

This week has been one of the best weeks of my entire life. I’ve been on missions trips before, but it seems like all the previous missions trips have led up to this one. This past year I was a student leader for a 7th grade student group, and I think that experience REALLY helped with Camp of Champions. My favorite part of this week was getting to know all of the kids in the different schools, and just spend time with them and get to learn who they are. There aren’t many opportunities for me to go into a school in the states and be able to spend time and have fun with kids from entirely different ages. I’m just really glad I got to know the kids and to hang out and play and speak to them about Jesus and just tell them that God loves them. This trip has been so amazing and I’m so thankful for everything we got to do. Eric, Drew, and all the other leaders were so great with the timing of our schedule and just letting us know what we should expect each day and just leading us because that’s really hard in a foreign country. If I could let everyone reading this blog know one thing, it’s that living a godly life means doing it 24/7. There are no days off. But, the great thing is that God rewards this life. It’s so amazing getting to see how God works in your life as well as the people around you and it’s just incredible to get to see the impact that you have on other peoples lives through Jesus Christ. And that is amazing.


UK 2017: Day 4

Day 4: Tuesday

Today was another exciting day of ministry for our two units. For those at Sunderland Community Church, some students had a chance to serve breakfast at a local Salvation Army and all of the students ran Camp of Champions at the same schools again. Our students were surprised and encouraged that some of the children remembered their names and were very excited to see them for the second day in a row!

At New Springs, students helped to plan for tomorrow, as we head into a local elementary school. We will be playing games and teaching the 5th grade class about the faith, hope and love we have in Jesus. A portion of our team was also able to go out and start conversations with people walking down by the beach – it is surprising how easy it is to start a conversation with someone just because of their dog! The other four students spent the day in a local middle school with the I:GNITE ministry and Crossfya, a Christian band from Manchester who are playing and sharing their testimonies. Our students helped to lead discussion groups and helped to share the hope we have in Christ with many students who are hopeless. 

We all came together in the evening to share a meal, some fun and a time of worship and teaching. It was amazing to see students connecting with local christians of all ages as we are all one family in Christ. 

We could tell you more about the day and all that God is doing, but who better to do that than the students themselves:

New Springs Team

Elyse Nissley

Today Allyson, Noah, Mr. Glick and I went with Sean, Rebecca and Adam and their project I:GNITE to Venerable Bede, a Christian school in Sunderland! I:GNITE is a youth program aimed to bring light to the youth ages 11-16 across schools in Sunderland. At the school we met with a Christian band from the U.K. called Crossfya. The band is partnering with I:GNITE this week, going into schools, performing for the kids and giving a free concert for the youth on Friday. They were so amazingly talented and have such kind hearts and a passion for spreading the grace of God through music! After they played a few songs, the kids (13-14 years old) split into groups and we discussed the words respect, self-worth and influence. They were very open and honest with us and we had some great conversations with them. It was incredible to see God open the hearts of the kids at this school, and I’m excited to see what He does in the other two schools I:GNITE is visiting this week!

Allyson McDaniel

We had a great time going into the school today with I:GNITE and Crossfya! I especially enjoyed the discussion time we had with the students. We structured the discussion time in a way that we valued the opinions of the students. We were interested in listening and that had a big impact on the students. We focused our discussion on three word. Influence, respect, and self worth. Many of the student really opened up about their experience and ideas on these subjects. I was apart of a group that was talking about influence. We talked about good vs bad influences in our lives as well as people who have influence on us. The students brainstormed things like friends, family, and teachers, social media, tv programs and movies. In our discussion we also touched on social media and how it effects us. We asked the students how they live their life in real life vs how they portray their life on social media. Even thought there are cultural differences here in the u.k., social media is a common subject us Americans can relate with the students. It was great to be able to share our experience with social media and encourage the students to have good influences in their life. We also tied each lesson to the Bible and share our perspective on each subject from a christian perspective. With the subject ,influence, we encouraged the students with Proverbs 4:23 that says to guard your heart above all else because everything flows from it. We challenged the students to think about what they are watching, listening, reading, and the people there surround themselves with because that is what will flow out of them. Please pray for the other groups that are going out to other schools later this week and for the concert on Friday!

Sunderland Community Team

Nate May

Over the past two days, we have been running the camp of champions program which has been incredible. We all have our own team that we lead in games and group discussions. It has been amazing seeing the kids be able to have loads of fun and encourage each other through team chants and discussions. during the group talks, we go through different stories that illustrate things like perspective, faith, transformation and integrity. The kids all get really excited and are really paying attention and listening during the talks and then at the end there is usually one or two kids who volunteer to pray for the group. we also were able to play football(soccer) with some guys in the community and then share our testimonies with them.

Jack Ruhl

This trip has been so incredible! It’s truly amazing to see how much of an impact Christ is making in the community here in Sunderland. I’ve spent most of my week so far doing stuff in the Southwick Primary School, and it has been awesome getting to form relationships with some of the kids that are in this school. I ran around and played a bunch of games with the kids at lunchtime and we grew to have about maybe 30 kids each day that just want to race and play hide and seek or something like that. The kids ask a lot of things about what America is like, but most of their questions have to do with President Trump haha. The best part of the week so far has been being able to share my testimony with the kids after the first day of Camp of Champions and also share it with the people at New Springs Church. I never really thought much of my testimony, but I love being able to share what Christ has done (and is continuing to do) in my life and just talk with everyone. Overall, this trip has been amazing and I’m So excited to see what God will do in the rest of the week.

UK 2017: Day 1, 2 & 3

Day 1 & 2: Travel

Days 1 and 2 sort of blur together, seeing as how Saturday’s travels ran straight into Sunday with very little sleep on the plane from JFK to Manchester, UK! Once we arrived in the UK, our team traveled by coach bus from the airport up the countryside to the north to get to Sunderland. Most of our team was able to get a bit of sleep on that bus ride as well. That you so much to everyone that was praying for safe travels for our team! We arrived without any complications and with all of our luggage, too. 

Once we arrived to Sunderland Community Church, we set down our bags and got introduced right away to Stuart and his family (the pastor of Sunderland Community Church). They shared with us a bit about their church and ministry and prepared us a bit for the week ahead and some expectations. We enjoyed a meal together of plenty of pizza (the corn pizza was a big hit!) and had a time of fellowship before the evening church service. During that service, several of our students joined in the kids program, while the rest of us enjoyed a time of worship and a message about two of the fruits of the Spirit: God’s goodness and faithfulness! What a great way to kick off our week of ministry! 

At the end of that service, the New Springs team met the pastor and his family, Nathan & Jen Weaver, and their host families and made their way just a few minutes east towards the sea. The rest of the week we will have different days of ministry with the Sunderland Community Church and the New Springs Church, and several of the evenings, both teams will join together for evening activities!

Day 3: Monday

Sunderland Team

This week the Sunderland Community Church team is running a “Camp of Champions” in schools as an after-school program. They will mainly be playing various sports with kids and then break into smaller groups and our students to will have a chance to share Bible lessons with the school kids. Today, this group was also able to play some football (known as soccer in America!) in some parks and connect with some kids, and several of the girls were able to help out with a dance class being held at the church! Please continue to pray for opportunities to connect with the kids in this community and share the gospel through sports and other various activities!

New Springs Team

The New Springs team enjoyed a walk to the beach last evening to check out the local area – the host homes and church are just a 5-10 minute walk to the beach and lighthouse at Roker Pier. It really is a beautiful area! Today, the team spent the morning at New Springs Church for a time of devotions together, studying 1 Timothy 1. We also had the chance to hear more about the church and how God is working within the community. After devotions, the team took a prayer walk around the community near the church to pray over the week, the people in the area and the ministries within the church. It is clear that this is a community that desperately needs hope and needs to know the love of Christ! After lunch at the church, the team had a chance to visit across the street at an adult resource center for people with special needs. God has been recently opening doors for the church to become more connected with this community across the street and it was great to meet many of these adults and enjoy spending time with them, doing crafts and fitness and other activities. In the evening, the team was hoping to do some evangelism near the beach, but the rainy weather kept us inside for some team bonding opportunities. Please pray over this group as they have opportunities to go into schools the next three days with an exciting ministry opportunity to connect with 11-16 year olds during their religious education classes (they actually allow outside ministries to come into the schools and host lessons and activities during this class time!). Please also pray for the weather to stay nice so that we can continue to do ministry near the beach and meet people while they are outside! Also pray for the other ministry opportunities that will happen throughout the week, as we host a service for the special needs adults, visit a primary school and other ministry opportunities that arise!

Erica Rohrer

It’s hard to believe its Monday already. After leaving home on Saturday we spent the next two days traveling. Travel was amazing and it’s surprising how much you can learn about others after traveling on a bus for three hours and then flying for seven together. The people in Sunderland are all so nice and it’s amazing how much this place sounds like home. Hearing people talk about how they have lived in Sunderland their whole life and all their family lives either on the same street or just down the street from them makes me wonder if I ever left Lancaster. I can’t wait to get to know all of these people even more throughout this week and hear about their stories and love for God. 

Noah McCoy

Coming into this week I had never even been out of the country. It was quite the process flying over here to the U.K. but once we got here it was totally worth it. Once we got here we got right into it at Sunderland community church. We met a lot of new people and participated in their evening church service. Some helped in the children ministry, others were a part of the rest of the service. The new springs unit then split off and went to meet/see their host homes. We then all took a walk down along the beach, which included checking out the water temp which was freezing!! I could fill the rest of the page with great things that already happened, but I think the main thing I have constantly been experiencing is how much God can work in our lives if we truly have faith in him and let him guide every situation and conversation . It is so encouraging and exciting to see how God is working in the community of Sunderland!

NYGO 2017: Day 4-5

DAY 4: Tuesday, June 27

There are some days that you can just see God working so clearly in every little detail. Tuesday was one of those days for our team! We had a really encouraging morning with an extended time of prayer after our sessions, which gave students a chance to be prayed over specifically by leaders. After that time of prayer, we had a time of sharing how God was working that morning with just the girls and with just the guys. It was so encouraging to see the team unity growing and strengthening throughout the entire day! Typically after our morning worship and sessions, our teams will pick up packed bag lunches while we are still at the church and take them to a park to eat lunch here as a task force team. At lunch, Walter informed us that there had been a train derailment further north in the city earlier that mornings that was affecting all train service up towards the part of the city where we were originally planning to visit! So we ate our lunch together at the church and altered our plans for which parks we were going to visit that afternoon and spent just an hour less in the parks. One of our task force groups visited Washington Square Park (the team that was previously at Bryant Park), and the other task force group visited Union Square Park, just a few blocks away. After our park ministry, we returned to the church for dinner, a time of worship, and a message from Tom Mahairas (the founder of New York Gospel Outreach). We had many students move forward in their faith and in their commitment to making their faith in Christ real and unwavering… without any doubts! God gave our team much strength and energy throughout the day and it was certainly a spiritual refresher for many of our students! 

Here are a few of the stories from students on Tuesday:

today anijah and i got to meet a guy named anthony. he is a a catholic and raised his two children to be very strong catholics as well. he is a retired clothing designer and strongly believes that everyone needs to have a very good education. two of his nephews have dies from alcohol and drugs and he hates to see when people turn away from God. he wants everyone to follow God and stay on the right path “seeing people turn to the dark side breaks my heart” he enjoyed seeing the talking tot he two of us about religion he said “not many people have the guts and courage to come into new york city and talk to strangers about religion, it’s a very dangerous topic and i admire you two because you are wanting to help those who have strayed from God” today anijah and i had the privilege to talk to someone who believed and wants others to believe with him. 

Day 4: Rations are low, morale is lower. We press on still into the concrete jungle. We travel through the tunnels and emerge in Union Square Park. This park was notorious for challenging even the most skilled conversationists. We prayed very hard for God to provide someone for us to talk to. We had walked around for over an hour without any luck. Laurel suggested that we talk to this guy sitting in the grass by himself. So we went over and introduced ourselves to a man named Grobell. A comedian from Chicago who was visiting New York. We talked for around 45 minutes about religion and his life. That is when a renegade bomber dropped a kazuki on Laurel (aka a pigeon pooped on her). After it was cleaned up we continued the conversation (Micaiah’s sweatshirt sleeve will never be the same). We learned that Grobell had once belonged to a Greek Orthodox Church but no longer attended because he had found a new group of people to hang out with in the comedic community. He said he was okay with the life that he had and did not want a religion even though he did believe that there is a God and that we’re here for a purpose. When the conversation ended he told us some jokes before we left, they were not very good.

i severely needed to use the restroom so i left the two members of my group and ran to Starbucks. there was a very long line so i was super excited when this man named Kaiser who was also in the line started talking to me. he was like “are you from a catholic church?” and i responded saying, “no I, from a christian church” it was a super weird way to start a conversation but i was so glad it happened. i learned that he’s lived here by himself in new york for over thirty years. he went on to tell me he was homeless. i explained to him that even though we were a from a church, our goal was simply to love others and not force our religion on them. as i neared the front of the line, i invited him to accompany our group for a dinner at the church. later we met up at the park and he enjoyed speaking to many of the other students in our group. the team bought him, and another homeless man subway tickets, and we brought them back to the church for dinner. kaiser was delighted with the love the students and leaders showed to him, and before he left, included that he hopes to see me again. i’m not much for coffee but maybe i should go there more often. it is amazing how one simple act of love can bring such joy to the one who is receiving it.

DAY 5: Wednesday, June 28

It’s free day! Wednesday was built into the schedule as a “free day” for our team to be able to explore New York City in whatever way we wanted. We chose to allow the students and leaders to sleep in (we needed it!) and then spent or morning and lunch in Central Park. When we arrived at Central Park, we chose to still be “on mission” and spent the first hour of our time at the park starting conversations with people and sharing the Gospel. 

After a short debrief together as a team, we split into different groups with leaders and explored Central Park however we wanted, making sure to get lunch, too! Some of our students visited the Nintendo Store and the Lego store, other students visited some shopping stores, some went to the Central Park Zoo, others visited the Met (and prayed over the city while they were there!) and a few just rested in the shade after lunch! Once we met back together, we returned to the hotel for a few hours to nap or take a rest and change before an evening in Times Square!

After our naps, we made our way to Times Square for dinner and some shopping! We again split into different groups with a leader and went to lots of different places around Times Square! Some students visited Ellen’s Stardust Diner for dinner, others made their way over to Schnipper’s for burgers and fries (a NYGO favorite!) and a few students went to McDonald’s or Five Guys. And lots of shopping all over Times Square! It is so much chaos and busyness in this city, and brings with it a level of excitement! We were thankful for a day of exploring and see popular spots in NYC, but we were also thankful for a day that included rest!! 

NYGO 2017: Day 1-3

DAY 1: Saturday, June 24

After leaving Calvary Church and a bus ride up, we arrived in New York City excited to see what God would do in the week ahead! We checked into our rooms and settled in before riding the subway to Calvary Baptist Church in Midtown Manhattan, which will be our base for sessions and meals this week. Our sessions started by hearing from Walter Sotelo, from NYGO, who walked us through how Jesus shared the gospel, with practical tips for us in our lives. Our theme for the week is ‘Generous Gospel’, that God is generous in his love for us and wants us to generously share that love and the good news to others. After dinner we went to the top of Rockefeller Center, praying for the city as we looked out over the incredible view. We prayed that God would work in the city and give us a heart for the people who live in it.



DAY 2: Sunday, June 25

We had the privilege of joining Times Square Church for their morning service. Worshipping with others and hearing from God’s word, we were challenged to find joy in suffering and help bring God’s love and peace to a hurting world. The service was followed by some amazing New York pizza for lunch in Times Square, taking time to pray for the city and take in the sights and sounds around us. We did some team building exercises and got to know the team from French Camp, Mississippi. Sunday night was the final night of Ramadan, a month of prayer and fasting for Muslims all over the world. There are 1 million Muslims living in New York City alone and many Muslims coming to America and moving into our towns and cities. In our evening session, we focused on sharing the gospel with Muslims, hearing from Dr Alfonse Javed, who has written several books on reaching out to our Muslim neighbors. We even got a taste of Arabic food for dinner and were able to have many questions about the Islamic faith answered!


DAY 3: Monday, June 26

Today was our first full ministry day! We started with breakfast and devotions, then had a two more session, full of practical advice for our afternoon. We spoke through sharing the gospel with the wealthy and overcoming barriers to sharing the gospel. We grabbed bagged lunch and headed out to parks. Our team is split into two task forces, with one task force going to Washington Square Park and the other to Bryant Park. Here students were challenged to start conversations with people in the parks and to speak about spiritual things. Students were able to speak to people of different ages, nationalities and faiths, as they shared the hope they had in Jesus. We ended the day with a scavenger hunt around central park, we all had lots of fun seeing more of the park and completing challenges. Here are some stories from our students:

Erika Arboleda

I’m not sure how to spell her name because she was born into the muslim religion, so it is long and spelled uniquely, but we spoke to and prayed with her! She’s here visiting her daughter and she asked us to pray for her son because he is dealing with depression. She is not religious, but she knows a lot about Christianity and used to be religious. Pray that she and her children will come to know Jesus.


Abby McDaniel

Today me and a few others had the opportunity talk to a man named Alex. He grew up Catholic and hated the church. He “tried” Christianity. He read his bible and listened to sermons but he never actually went to a christian church. He ended up walking away from the faith and now believes in “Oneness”, he still believes in the bible and God but believes to each his own. We were able to ask questions and get him thinking. We explained how there is freedom in Christ and it’s not just a set of rules. He plans on visiting some local churches. Pray that Alex will find true understanding, today we had the privilege to not just plant a seed but help water it and grow.IMG_9546.JPGIMG_9619.JPGIMG_9508.JPGIMG_9638.JPGIMG_9636.JPGIMG_9710.JPG

Moldova 2016: Day 1, 2 & 3

Our flights over were thankfully somewhat uneventful! Long plane ride from JFK to Moscow, with a very short layover, which mostly required that we move from one terminal, through a security check, to the next gate to wait for a bus that would take us out to our plane (normal procedure in many parts of the world). We arrived safely in Moldova on Saturday morning with only one bag of luggage missing! Thankfully it was accounted for and the airport promised it would be on the next flight from Moscow.

Our first day in Moldova, we spent the day in the city of Chisinau, to eat and rest before spending our week in the villages. On Sunday morning after breakfast, we loaded our luggage and ourselves into vans to travel an hour to the village of Chiţcanii Vechi, Orhei. Sunday morning we joined the village church to sing songs, share a few testimonies and a message in Philippians 1 by Eric Gregory. After church, our students and the translators (young adults from Moldova) were able to visit their host home before lunch. The rest of the day allowed some time to rest, get to know the Moldova team for Tomorrow Clubs and do some decorating and prep for our Tomorrow Clubs that start on Monday!

Please pray for our week at camp, that we would have great opportunities to interact with the kids and show them the love of Jesus through everything we do! Please pray for our students as it will be a busy week in a very new environment for most of them (outhouses without seats are not easy to get used to!). Please pray for continued health and sustained energy as some students and leaders are still figuring out jet lag.

Reach Out 2016: Day 3, 4 & 5

DAY 3: Saturday, July 2

We began with breakfast at Water Street at 7 where we were continuing building relationships with the residents. We went back to Teen Haven and had our devotion time and also had time to talk in our squads. Following that time we were able to go to Central Market and get a quick sweet treat! This was a nice little pick me up since we were about to begin a busy day preparing for the Block Party. Our group walked to Palm Street which is where Pastor Jose lives and we began cleaning the streets and getting it ready for the party. After clean up, we had lunch as a group and then we walked around the neighborhood to give out flyers and promote the block party. It was a nice turnout and we had the awesome chance to interact with kids and families. Praise the Lord for the beautiful weather! There were games set up for kids, a bounce house, and they also had Bingo for adults! Our drama team performed and pastor Jose gave an encouraging message to those who attended. There were a few people that you would really tell were touched by the drama and the message. The party ended around 5:30 so we cleaned up and headed back to Teen Haven. We were overjoyed when an ice cream truck drove by and our group had the chance to enjoy a cool treat on a hot day! I’m sure the man with ice-cream truck was happy to have over 20 customers! We got back to Teen Haven around 7 and then had a chance to debrief about the day, worship together and bond as a team. We were thankful for how the Lord could use us as servants for the people of Teen Haven and Activate church. The block party was an awesome ministry! 


DAY 4: Sunday, July 3

It began like the other days with breakfast at Water Street at 7. When we went back to Teen Haven we were greeted by Calvary staff member, Scott Messner where he gave a great challenge to the team. He encouraged us to not categorize people based off of their appearances or our first impressions. He referenced Ephesians 2:1-10 and that was also the passage that we used for our personal devotion time. After he left us with his challenge and we were able to have our personal devotion time, we met up in our squads and reflected on the different things that God has been showing us. We joined back together as a group and Michael said that each of us were getting $7 to use how we felt like God wanted us to use it. We then broke out in groups and asked God to help us know how to use our money. One group bought food at a local grocery store and asked God to direct them to the people that needed it. Another group combined their money and used it to bless a woman by paying for her grocery bill. The wonderful part of this story is that she had been praying in the checkout line that she would have enough money to buy her groceries. It is amazing how when we ask God to guide us then He will use us for His glory! This was a great experience for the group and it was neat to hear the different ways that the students wanted to use their money.

Later in the afternoon the team went out again in the streets to promote the church service that was going to be with Activate Church at Franklin and Marshall field. Groups stopped as they saw people in the streets and they excitedly invited people to attend. It was awesome to see the growth from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon with how the students were interacting with people.  The group met back at Water Street for dinner at 5:00 before we had to prepare for the church service. After dinner we prayed with Activate and we loaded up in vans to head over to the field. Once we were there we had the chance to pray, sing worship songs, watch one of the drama skits, hear from Pastor Jose, and talk/pray for the people who were also at the field. It was a fun night for the students as we then stayed to see the fireworks! We arrived back at Teen Haven shortly after 10:00 and we had time to debrief as a group about the day and have snack. We loved debriefing about the day as a team and it was encouraging to hear how God has been working in the lives of the students. 


A highlight of my trip was when we were handing out food to bless people with. We had animal crackers, peanut butter & jolly ranchers left. We stopped at the corner & prayed that we would find a family to bless and what do you know, a family walks around the corner! After talking to them it turns out they were not going to have lunch that day! It’s truly amazing to see God’s hand at work.


DAY 5: Monday, July 4

Our group shared our last breakfast at Water Street. The students were able to say their goodbyes to some of the residents that they had been getting to know. It was so encouraging to hear how some of the students wanted to come back and volunteer in some way at Water Street. We took our last walk back to Teen Haven and had one final debrief as a team. One of the coolest things was how many prayers were answered during the course of the trip. The team unity was truly the work of the Spirit and so many students were sad to see the trip come to an end. It was a great experience and we were so thankful for all the support we received as a team! 


This was the most fun week I have had all summer!


I think the greatest blessing for me was the bond within the group. Everyone was really open and I made some good friends! Free time was fun, but then going out and seeing the confidence everyone had was super cool to see!


We love hearing that students were blessed by humbly serving and sharing God’s love. Thank you for all of your prayers and support for our Reach Out Team and their ministry in Lancaster, PA!